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Rob Arnott on All Asset January 2016

Rob Arnott, head of Research Affiliates, shares his firm’s market insights and allocation strategies for PIMCO All Asset strategies. BY ROBERT ARNOTT JANUARY, 2016 (excerpt from his January 2016 memo) Q: At the start of each year, we would like to begin with a discussion of your outlook across all global asset classes. As you […]

Posted by JP Osseward on February 9, 2016

Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Weston Wellington – A Vanishing Value Premium?

By Weston Wellington of DFA Value stocks underperformed growth stocks by a material margin in the US last year. However, the magnitude and duration of the recent negative value premium are not unprecedented. This column reviews a previous period when challenging performance caused many to question the benefits of value investing. The subsequent results serve […]

Posted by JP Osseward on February 1, 2016