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From Simple Wisdom to Successful Wealth Strategies

Reflecting on Mother’s Day this year, I am reminded that my mom has always been my rock. While she was not rich by material standards, she provided something even greater–a strong foundation on which to build my life. Little did I know that her wisdom and life examples would become the experiences and standards that […]

Shalina Martos, CFP®, AAMS® | May 15, 2018

Leveling The Playing Field and Tackling Financial Challenges for Women

As a young girl, my mom was my hero. She was a single parent, raising four active children with little to no financial support.  In her day, being a homemaker was the expected norm for women who didn’t have any post-secondary education or meaningful job prospects.   Even if my mom had entered the workforce, it […]

Shalina Martos, CFP®, AAMS® | August 23, 2017

Know Thyself

Are you aware of how you make investment decisions? Are you an analyzer, researching until the sun comes up? Are you someone who buys an item on the spot, no research involved? Knowing how you make decisions, and the emotions that go along with them, is a very important step within the investing process. Let’s […]

Shalina Martos, CFP®, AAMS® | October 15, 2016

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