As a child, I heard this phrase at the start of relay races in PE at school.  We would come to the starting line, shake out our arms and legs, then get into our “set” positions.  When our teacher shouted GO, we would take off running!

Ready, Set, GO should be the motto for each time we come to a new chapter in our lives, regardless of what kind of transition that may be.

Ready phase:  We do the necessary research and analysis.

Set phase:        We make our final decision and create our transition plan.

GO phase:        We put our plan in motion and confidently move forward.

I am inspired by this philosophy as I prepare for the next phase of my life journey: transitioning from my position and role at Avier Wealth Advisors to my next chapter.  In fact, I started planning for this transition over three years ago when I taught my first Managerial Accounting class as Lake Washington Institute of Technology.  My dream had always been to teach real world accounting.  When the opportunity to teach was offered, I seized it and gave it a whirl, experiencing an entirely new set of fears and trepidations.  I overcame those and realized that the classroom will be my new “office” in the future.

As I continue through this transition, I have taken the opportunity to reflect on my journey up to this point.  Ben Carlson, CFA, who writes a blog called “A Wealth of Common Sense”, penned a particularly relevant article, “Some Lessons For Living From Older Generations.”  In reading his article, the wise words from so many in my life came flooding back to me, some of which are echoed in the points that he makes.   I thought about how those words have shaped me into the person I am today. And, I have added my own ethics and ideals.  All of this has led me to how I have mentored those around me, as well as what I have learned from their mentoring.

Now, I will carry this on to my current and future students.  In our discussions about business and running a company, we talk about acting in an ethical manner as managers and business owners.  This includes doing the right thing even when it’s hard and treating all people with respect.  We have certainly had some lively and open discussions.

This brings me full circle.  We all experience transitions in our lives, with opportunities and challenges along the way.  Hopefully, we will have the courage to explore them and find our passions, so we don’t have regrets later.  Even more important is how we treat those we meet on our journey.  How will you incorporate the pearls of wisdom in your life, and how will you “pay  it forward?”

I leave you with my favorite quote from Ursula Le Guin:  “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Now…Ready, Set, GO!!!