Soccer has always been my favorite sport to both play and watch. One of my favorite teams has always been the German National Team, “Die Mannschaft”, translated “The Team”. Their philosophy is that no player is greater than the rest of the team. Although it’s a team that consists of many talented players, there is no single player on whom the prospects of the team’s future rely.

At Avier Wealth Advisors, we use that same type of team-oriented philosophy. Each client is assigned a team consisting of a lead advisor, an associate advisor, a client service associate, and a portfolio implementation specialist. These teams work with our clients to develop the best strategy to achieve their financial goals. We believe it helps put our clients’ minds at ease that whenever you need to speak with someone, a member of your team will be available to help you. If you are currently with an advisor who runs the whole show, what do you do when he or she goes on vacation, retires; or god forbid, passes away?

In addition, just as Die Mannschaft must have a plan to survive should an important member of the team leave or be injured, Avier too has a clear succession plan and training process in place so that you will know that no single member of our team drives our ability to continue to serve our clients. We want to serve our clients through all phases of their journey, and we have a plan in place to ensure that the Avier team will outlast any individual member.

It is also the case that the Avier team is a very talented in its own right. We have four members who have worked to become Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholders, five members who have worked to become Certified Financial Planners (CFP), and one member who worked to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Each of these individuals bring their unique talents towards a common goal.

As with any sports team, consistent coaching and training helps leads to future success. Our Managing Director, Dave Welty, believes in continuing education from his staff. He supports the staff by providing us with the latest technologies and ensuring that we are never stretched too thin. He hires bright, young talent and nurtures them through the developmental ranks until they become a lead advisor. Every team needs a coach who drives the team forward. We have that here at Avier. Much like my favorite, “The Team”, we rely on each other and bring that unique team mentality to serving our clients.

See you on the pitch and go Sounders!