Direct Indexing Solutions

Avier Wealth Advisors partners with Parametric Portfolio Associates to give our clients access to customized Separate Managed Accounts (SMAs) which offer significant tax benefits compared to traditional index mutual funds and ETFs. These low-cost solutions:

  • Help our clients minimize the tax cost of reducing concentrated stock risk
  • Offer the ability to invest with an ESG or socially responsible mandate to invest with your values in mind
  • Can only be accessed through an advisor

Rather than own all stocks within a given index or an index mutual fund or ETF, Direct Indexing allows our clients to own a large portion of an index or strategy. This gives a much greater opportunity for tax loss harvesting, while minimizing tracking error.

With Direct Indexing Solutions, investors have opportunities to harvest losses which can be used to offset gains elsewhere. With traditional indexing approaches, this was not possible in a year like 2017 when the index in aggregate had positive returns.

We can also offer our clients customized strategies to overweight the areas of the global stock market that have historically provided higher expected returns. You may choose from single or multi factor strategies or build your own custom tilt from the following factors:

  • Values-based investing
  • Dividend yield
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Momentum
  • Profitability
  • Size

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