Our Strategy

Financial Planning

At Avier Wealth Advisors, we take a holistic approach to managing your wealth by connecting all the financial areas of your life into one comprehensive plan based on your unique resources, goals, risk tolerance and time frame. A well-balanced plan replaces random financial decisions with a clear strategy that integrates your diverse professional and personal objectives into a disciplined course of action. Our advisory relationship develops into a close collaboration as we partner with you to bring your abstract dreams for the future into focus.

Investment Management

When it comes to investing your wealth, the Avier approach seeks to maximize growth and stability while minimizing risk and emotion. We offer portfolio management strategies across the spectrum of risk tolerances and structured to include globally diversified asset classes customized to address your unique needs and goals. Our asset allocation strategies are grounded in sound academic research and utilize the expertise of institutional class portfolio managers and comprehensive investment tools not typically available to the average investor.

Dimensional Fund Advisors

Our clients benefit from access to low-cost, institutional share class investments managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors. These funds are based on extensive research into what drives market returns over time, including the work of Eugene Fama, Recipient of the 2013 Noble Prize in Economics. We have chosen to utilize DFA funds because of the benefits of their structured approach to investing and their academic, data-driven investment philosophy. Learn more >

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