What is Wealth Lab?


Our team responds to a lot of questions from tech executives inquiring about their compensation benefits, stock grants, retirement, taxes, investments, etc. 

We were seeing a lot of the same questions, and thought that in addition to responding to individuals, we should create a video series of our answers.  Then we thought, why not make the videos a little more interesting by recording them at Dave’s home and include his yellow lab, June.

Wealth Lab was born!

The videos have been a favorite on YouTube and even though the pandemic disrupted some of our recording plans, we are glad to say WealthLab is going to come back.

Some of you may be wondering about June’s thoughts on Wealth Lab.

We are happy to share that she is excited to hear it is going to become more of a regular feature on our YouTube channel. She asked that we share her thoughts about the evolution of Wealth Lab…

About a year ago, Dave came to me with an idea.

He said, “June, I’ve been thinking… everyone loves watching videos of dogs. What do you think about you and I doing some videos together?

You’ll be my trusty sidekick when I answer questions about finances, taxes, investments, and more. It’ll be fun, should we do it?

We can name the series after you and call it Wealth Lab!”

I was worried, if I became the star of a video series, will I still have enough time to continue enjoying all these things that I love so much?

Dave was persistent and encouraged me to do a video with him, so I gave it a try. You know what? It was actually pretty easy and I discovered I’m really good at it.

Here is one of our first videos together:

I learned that being the star of a video series is pretty fun.

I always earn treats and I get to hang out with different people. One afternoon (before COVID), I got to go into the office and meet Lars.

Wait until you see what I do in this video – I think I really steal the show:

We produced quite a few Wealth Lab videos prior to the pandemic and have plans for several more.

You can find the videos out on the Avier YouTube channel.

I encourage you to take a look at our channel, enjoy the videos, and let us know what questions you would like us to answer.

You can send questions to info@avieradvisors.com.

Happy tails,