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What Should I Do With My Amazon Restricted Stock Units?

Amazon employees typically receive restricted stock units (RSUs) as part of their compensation package, and for many, these RSUs can make up a large portion of their total compensation package. When Do My Amazon RSUs Vest? The total amount of on–hire RSUs you will receive is determined when you are hired. These RSUs will vest over the first four years of your employment. For the first two years of your employment, RSUs are distributed at the end of years one and...
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What Happens if Your Plan Doesn’t Go According to Plan?

Financial advisors have a seemingly simple job – help their clients reach their financial goals. However, once you go beyond just goal setting, you will quickly find that the “planning” part of financial planning is not a static job. No matter how committed one is to their financial goals, a plan that does not account for the unexpected can often fall short of allowing one to achieve these goals. In my years of financial planning, financial resilience has become...
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Are You Making the Most of Your Intel SERPLUS Benefit?

Updated for 2022. SERPLUS, Intel’s deferred compensation plan, can help eligible employees significantly reduce their tax bill while building retirement assets.  Grade level 10 or higher Intel employees are eligible to enroll in SERPLUS. How Does Intel’s Deferred Compensation Plan Work? SERPLUS works similar to your pre-tax 401(k). Contributions into SERPLUS reduce your taxable income on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Unlike the 401(k), though, it’s worth...
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Your Nike Stock Decision: Restricted Stock Units and/or Stock Options?

Every August, Nike employees must make an important decision on how to receive their annual stock award Eligible employees can choose between 100% Stock Options, 100% Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), or a 50/50 mix of Stock Options and RSUs. Typically, you are offered more shares if you choose Stock Options over RSUs. In 2022, the ratio of Stock Options to RSUs decreased from 5:1 to 4:1. Meaning you receive 4 Stock Options for every one RSU. This doesn’t mean...
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What is the Meta Mega Backdoor Roth?

In 2022, Meta employees can contribute up to $30,250 to a Roth using the Mega Backdoor Roth provision within the Meta 401(k). The Mega Backdoor Roth allows you to contribute after-tax dollars to your 401(k) and convert those dollars to a Roth. If you are a Meta employee who is already contributing the maximum amount to your 401(k), this is a fantastic way to save even more for retirement.   Meta 401(k) Basics and the Meta Match In 2022, you can contribute...
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How Do Deferred Compensation Plans Work?

A Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) is an exclusive benefit that certain employers provide for their highly compensated employees. The plan is similar to your 401(k) as it allows you to contribute and invest dollars on a pre-tax basis, reducing taxable income in the year you contribute. You elect how much of your compensation you want to defer now and decide when you want to receive your income in the future – How much you can defer and the payout structure is...
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How Much Should I Contribute to My Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Updated for 2022  Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are traditionally thought of as a tool to save money for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Many people do not fully understand how an HSA can reduce future tax bills and many more do not think of it as an investment tool. Video highlights: How much can you contribute to your HSA? What is considered a qualified medical expense? Can you invest your HSA dollars? How is an HSA different from an FSA?   What are the tax...
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Amazon Stock Split: How Does This Impact Amazon Shareholders and Employees?

Some big changes are coming up for Amazon shareholders and employees. Amazon recently announced a stock split, share buyback program, and a compensation increase. The changes are expected to take place in early June 2022. Here are some of the details regarding these big changes: A 20-to-1 stock split A $10 billion dollar share buyback program An increase in maximum base salary compensation from $160,000 to $350,000 So, what do these changes mean for Amazon...
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How Does Compensation Work at Amazon?

This article has been updated for 2022. In February 2022, Amazon increased their maximum base salary from $160,000 to $350,000. We created this video to help you understand how you get paid at Amazon. If you just started at Amazon, are considering employment, or have been working at the company for a few years and want a better sense for how your salary and RSUs work – this video is for you. How are Amazon Employees Paid? There are three different ways...
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The Nike Mega Backdoor Roth: How Does it Work?

This article about the Nike Mega Backdoor Roth has been updated for 2022 and includes current 2022 tax information. Nike Mega Backdoor Roth Basics The Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k) is one of the best employee benefits available to Nike employees. In this video we help you understand what the Mega Backdoor Roth is and how it can help you invest more towards retirement and reduce some of your future tax liabilities. How Much Can You Contribute to the Nike Mega Backdoor...
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What is the Microsoft Deferred Compensation Plan?

The information about the Microsoft Deferred Compensation Plan has been updated for 2022. The Microsoft Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP) is available to employees who are Level 67 or higher. The plan allows you to defer a percentage of your salary and cash bonus. This can lower your taxable income and help reduce your tax bill. You can save and invest dollars on a pre-tax basis, similar to your 401(k). Contributions can be invested into a selection of investment...
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Intel Employee Benefits You Should Prioritize 

Updated for 2022. Intel employees are eligible for a variety of comprehensive employee benefits Here’s a list of what we think you should prioritize! Participate in Intel’s 401(k) The first thing you want to make sure to do is to contribute as much as you can to your Intel 401(k).In 2022 you can contribute the following amounts: If you’re under 50, you can now contribute up $20,500 into the 401(k). If you’re 50 or older, you can throw in another $6,500 for a total...
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