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How does the Amazon Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion work?

Updated for 2022  Amazon employees have access to an amazing tool that can help them save more towards retirement – the Amazon Mega Backdoor Roth Conversion. It is also known as the after-tax contribution to your 401(k) plan. What is New for the Amazon Mega Backdoor Roth in 2022? An exciting update to the Amazon 401(k) provision now allows employees to save ~$37,000 into the Mega Backdoor Roth portion of their 401(k). Prior to the announcement, Amazonians...
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How Do Cryptocurrency Taxes Work?

So… tax season is around the corner, and you are holding crypto; what do you need to do when it comes time to file?  For starters, you’ll need to check the box at the top of your 1040 if you owned, bought, or sold any virtual ‘crypto currencies’—as the IRS puts it. With prices over the last year rising through a series of volatile cycles, you might have a taxable gain. The good news is that taxes on crypto are not as complex as they may seem. The tax rate and...
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Do I Qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)?

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program has been helping federal student loan borrowers get their loans forgiven since 2007. The program required 120 qualifying payments which is 10 years of service. After completing 120 qualifying payments, the idea was that all remaining loans would be forgiven without any taxes. In the last few years, we started to notice that the program was much harder to use than it seemed. In 2017, ten years after the program was...
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Five Tax Strategies to Consider Before Year End

It’s the final stretch of 2021! At the risk of adding another thing to your full plate, we also need to consider the potential tax-law changes proposed in the Build Back Better Bill. We anticipate that the senate will vote on this bill sometime before the ball drops in Times Square. For now, we’re planning for the final weeks of 2021 and 2022 with what we know about the potential tax law changes. Below are five tax strategies that can set you up for success...
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How Do Microsoft Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) Work?

If you are an employee at Microsoft, you very likely have Microsoft stock awards, officially known as Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), as part of your compensation. For many Microsoft employees, stock awards will make up a significant portion of your total compensation. They may be awarded as part of a hiring package, as part of annual compensation, or merit based and are given as RSUs. When Do Your Microsoft RSUs Vest? On-hire stock awards – these typically vest...
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How Do You Opt-Out of Washington State’s Long-Term Care Tax?

On October 1st, the window to opt-out of Washington State’s Long-Term Care Tax opened. If you have purchased a private long-term care policy, you should start the application process soon.  The website has been overwhelmed with visitors.  We suggest you visit it during off-hours (early morning, late evening, or the weekend). Some of our own employees have attempted to go through the process and have experienced challenges simply because the website cannot handle...
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How are Nike Employees Compensated?

This video will help you understand how you get paid at Nike. It will help new employees and individuals interested in working at Nike gain a better understanding of what their compensation structure could look like. How are Nike employees paid? (The facts)  Nike employees receive their compensation in the following ways: base salary, annual cash bonuses, and stock grants, which come in the form of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs)....
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The Nike Mega Backdoor Roth: How Does it Work?

Nike Mega Backdoor Roth Basics The Mega Backdoor Roth 401(k) is one of the best employee benefits available to Nike employees. In this video we help you understand what the Mega Backdoor Roth is and how it can help you invest more towards retirement and reduce some of your future tax liabilities. How Much Can You Contribute to the Nike Mega Backdoor Roth? You probably know that within your Nike 401(k) you can contribute up to $19,500 per year if you’re under 50....
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Inflation is Here

Here is what is causing it and how it will affect you  It is hard to ignore the painfully expensive cost of just about everything nowadays. Many people point to the sudden 3 trillion-dollar printing spree by the federal government during the pandemic. This answer does in fact seem like the knee-jerking economist explanation. Printing 35% of all US currency in 10 months would lead to a lot of inflation, right? In truth, there are various factors to the increase in...
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What Does a Microsoft Compensation Package Include?

This video will help you understand how you get paid at Microsoft. It will help new employees and individuals interested in working at Microsoft gain a better understanding of what their compensation structure could look like. How are Microsoft employees paid? (the basics) There are a few different ways that Microsoft employees are compensated; base salary, annual cash bonuses, on-hire cash bonus, and stock awards (on-hire and annual). Base salary: This is very...
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How Much Should I Contribute to My Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are traditionally thought of as a tool to save money for out-of-pocket medical expenses. Many people do not fully understand how an HSA can reduce future tax bills and many more do not think of it as an investment tool. In this video I explain the tax-saving benefits and investment opportunities you should consider leveraging within your Health Savings Account. The Triple Tax-Advantage of a Health Savings Account The  HSA comes with...
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Tax in the City

Many high-income earners in Portland and Multnomah County—Oregon’s most populous county—are getting (or will soon get) a rude awakening upon opening their paychecks. Besides paying their usual Federal and State of Oregon income taxes, higher income earners are doing the heavy lifting to pay for the region’s new social programs.   Last November, voters in Multnomah County passed the county’s “Preschool for All” ballot measure. Starting in 2022, the tax will provide...
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