Cash Flow Planning for Tech Employees

How Cash Flow Planning Can Benefit You

As your hard work pays off and career success translates to higher compensation, wealth can quickly become a mixed blessing. The higher tech employees climb on salary scales, the more compensation comes in the form of stock and consequently, the more complex financial planning becomes. And of course, the worst-case scenario – being caught with low liquidity at a time of need – can lead to consequences ranging from the merely embarrassing or inconvenient to the truly disastrous.

On the other hand, if you invest in cash flow planning that strikes the proper balance between disciplined preparation for poor portfolio performance and efficient pursuit of ambitious financial goals, your wealth can continue working for you without any interruptions to your desired lifestyle. When combined with Avier’s distinctively personalized approach to advising and our consistent, empowering education, cash flow planning can help you take incremental steps towards your financial future without exposing you to dramatic ebbs and flows, unwise risk or unnecessary short-term periods of being “cash poor”.

Avier’s Distinct Approach to Cash Flow Planning for Technology Employees

When you work with Avier to develop a cash flow plan, we draw on both our extensive experience working with high-earners from Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, and other major tech companies and on the amount of time and energy we invest in getting to know you, asking you questions others haven’t. We develop a deep understanding of and empathy for your goals and hopes. We recognize the complexity and baked-in uncertainty of dealing with stock-based compensation and attempting to maintain both a diversified portfolio and reliable savings while receiving multiple forms of compensation. We help you gain more clarity on your full financial situation and begin acting proactively towards protecting and growing your wealth.

Your cash flow plan is therefore strengthened by the depth and precision of our other services – including tax planning, investment advisory, and traditional financial planning – and the end result is a well-informed, expertly calibrated plan that you understand clearly and that will reliably deliver the cash flow you need to live your daily life while remaining laser-focused on your long-term goals.

See for Yourself

Cash flow planning is one key, pragmatic element of the integrated set of services we’ve designed to help you maximize your wealth while growing your own understanding of your assets and compensation, and pursuing your long-term financial goals. You can learn more about our uniquely qualified team at Avier, discover our other services such as Investment Advisory, Compensation Planning, Financial Planning, and Tax Planning or reach out directly if you’re ready to start working with us on your cash flow plan.



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