Tax Planning for Tech Employees

How Tax Planning Can Benefit You

Even for financially literate individuals, “taxes” are overwhelming. According to this mindset, if you can avoid unpleasant surprises and minimize the amount of time required for tax prep, that’s enough. However, expert tax planning informed by the details of your financial situation and long-term goals can do so much more than just help you avoid pain. We’ve seen this again and again over the years as we’ve helped high-earning tech employees, like you, proactively harvest thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars of tax savings.

These kinds of results are achieved by integrating tax planning into a coherent strategy with your compensation, investments, and savings. This means that as you reduce your tax liabilities, you are also taking clear steps towards meeting your financial goals and therefore increasing your own clarity, peace of mind, and financial freedom as a result.

Avier’s Distinct Approach to Tax Planning for Technology Employees

Many high-net-worth individuals are accustomed to a very low level of service for their tax planning needs; you hand over paperwork to a CPA once a year for tax season, they do their job and both parties reconvene again 11 months later. Yet we’ve found at Avier that the relationship between you and tax experts can be much more fruitful when the full insight that CPAs have to offer is brought to the table as part of your overall financial plan.

So, we seek to act as an expert intermediary between you and your tax preparation provider. We try to remove the veil of mystery that can separate you and a CPA, making sure that you are educated and empowered to understand your full spectrum of tax reduction opportunities by bringing your CPA and our in-house tax experts to the table to integrate your tax prep into a more comprehensive, cohesive financial plan. We are obsessive about finding how to reduce your taxes wherever we can, which means that your investments and compensation can be managed proactively throughout the entire year to ensure that tax season brings well-earned reductions rather than costly surprises.

See for Yourself

Tax planning is one piece of the integrated set of services we’ve designed to help you maximize your wealth while growing your own understanding of your assets and compensation as you pursue your long-term financial goals. You can learn more about our uniquely qualified team at Avier, discover our other services such as Investment Advisory, Compensation Planning, Financial Planning, and Cash Flow Planning, or reach out directly if you’re ready to start developing a tax reduction strategy aligned with your financial goals.



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