Women and Wealth

Take Charge with Confidence

Creating a financial plan aligned with your life goals may feel overwhelming, we don’t think it should be that way. The financial needs and perspectives of women are different from men. Your aspirations and motivation to preserve, grow and share your wealth are personal.

Savings Strategies for Female Professionals

When your career accelerates, the way you are compensated becomes more complex.

All sources of your compensation (salary, bonus, RSUs/stock grants) need to be considered to ensure your plan is tax-efficient while current and future cash-flow needs are met.


This is the easiest form of income to incorporate into your financial plan. It is predictable and established when you begin with your employer.


Your bonus is typically less predictable type of income and is often based on your performance as well as the company’s.


RSUs vest over time and can make up a significant portion of your total compensation. RSU income is taxable and requires significant planning.

Saving for You and Your Family

Together, we look at your total compensation structure and align it with your long-term goals.

With a thorough understanding of your compensation, employer benefits, and other sources of income you will be better prepared to meet your financial needs and the needs of your family.


Plan a special vacation, give to your favorite charity, or feel peace of mind knowing that you are building towards your future goals. If it brings you joy, it needs to be a part of your plan.


Your long-term goals may include saving for college, purchasing a home, and/or saving for retirement. Our role is to listen, prioritize what needs to be done, and execute on your plan.


You don’t want to spend your time trying to build a financial plan, that’s our job. But we can’t do it without you. We respect your time and ask the right questions — then go to work for you.


We want you to understand how your plan works and how changes will impact you. Regular communication is essential for earning and maintaining your trust.

A Team that Relates to You

The financial industry has been dominated by men and we feel strongly about breaking that mold.
Meet the women who play a critical role in serving our clients and managing our team.

Courtney Gehrmann, CFP®
Associate Advisor

Marisol Fung, CIMA®
Director of Portfolio Management

Rachel Clawson, CFP®
Associate Advisor

Christina Sylvester
Director of Marketing

Kaitlynn Burnett
Communications Coordinator

Shalonda Knox-Shelton, MACC
Director of Finance

Tiffany Shafer 
Director of Client Service

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Transparency and Trust

By learning about where you want to go and gaining a thorough understanding of your financial picture — we create a plan aligned with your goals and aspirations.

As Fee-Only Fiduciaries, we want you to be confident that we always operate with your best interest in mind. Our fee-only compensation model (no commissions) means that we receive payment for our services from only one source — you.

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