Investment Advising for Tech Employees

How Investment Advising Can Benefit You

If you work in the tech industry, you have an investment portfolio to manage from the moment you receive your first stock-based compensation package. Many individuals and firms can give you foundational advice on diversification, risk management, etc., but few have the expertise necessary to give reliable advice on the specific stock package your company offers, and even fewer take the time to fully understand your finances, goals, and priorities. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work for you.

A tailored investment management approach that considers the stock you own in the company you work for as part of your larger financial context can help you meet your personal wealth goals. Working with an advisor on your investment portfolio can reduce stress and, when coupled with Avier’s emphasis on education and efficiency, empower you with the knowledge and clarity necessary to work side-by-side with us in growing your wealth.

Avier’s Distinct Approach to Investment Advising for Technology Employees

In a time when investing has been commoditized to the point where buying a reasonably diversified fund is simpler than ever, we want to make sure that we are adding genuine, substantial value in how we manage our clients’ investments. Drawing on our deep expertise and close study of academic data on returns over time across different markets and assets, we create a strategy for you that is tailored to your specific financial goals.

We also are able to go beyond what other firms can offer due to our history of success with very cost-efficient and tax-efficient investments. By reducing fund costs and tax liabilities, we can align your portfolio with your values while also efficiently maximizing your long-term wealth.

See for Yourself

By integrating our services into a cohesive wealth management strategy, we help you maximize your wealth while growing your own understanding of your assets and compensation. You can learn more about why we approach our work the way we do, discover our other services such as Compensation Planning, Financial Planning, Tax Planning, and Cash Flow Planning, or reach out directly if you’re ready to start working with us on a personalized approach to managing your investments.


Focused on your needs, we provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory strategies for individuals and families. We’d love to hear from you.