Financial Planning for Tech Employees

How Financial Planning Can Benefit You

Efficient financial planning consists of simple elements: where you’re starting from, where you’d like to go,and a clear path to get there. Yet like so many simple things, achieving harmony and clarity between these elements can be difficult, time-consuming, and even counter-productive without a disciplined, well-honed approach to the process.

Yet when that kind of process is in place, the rewards it offers are well-worth pursuing. Our coherent, efficient approach to financial planning can bring you greater long-term confidence, more robust short-term flexibility and, thanks to our emphasis on client education, an ever-growing understanding of the principles, habits, and mindset required to execute on a lifelong financial plan.

Avier’s Distinct Approach to Financial Planning for Technology Employees

While we are proud of our expertise in various forms of financial analysis and planning, our approach to your financial planning begins with a different skillset: our ability (and desire) to truly know you, to ask questions no one has asked you before. We develop a detailed familiarity with your financial starting point (the “where you’re starting from”), your personal goals (the “where you’re going”),and the mix of assets, compensation, and savings options we can use to help you achieve those goals (the “how to get there”).

We take the time at various steps and stages, starting with our very first meeting with you, to learn more about you and to layer a detailed picture of your personal finances over the tested-and-true principles we hold about financial planning in general and the unique opportunities and challenges faced by high-earning tech workers specifically. Through this approach, aided by consistent communication and empowering education, we can co-create a financial plan with you that centers on your goals and aspirations while resting on the firm foundation of our expertise and our mission to help you manage your wealth, provide financial security for your family and give back to your community.

See for Yourself

Financial planning is one piece of the integrated set of services we’ve designed to help you maximize your wealth while growing your own understanding of your assets and compensation while pursuing your long-term financial goals. You can learn more about our uniquely qualified team at Avier, discover our other services such as Investment Advisory, Compensation Planning, Tax Planning, and Cash Flow Planning, or reach out directly if you’re ready to start working with us on a personalized approach to managing your investments.


Focused on your needs, we provide comprehensive financial planning and investment advisory strategies for individuals and families. We’d love to hear from you.