As companies prosper in their communities, there exists an obligation to give back to the community which has made them successful. At Avier Wealth Advisors, we take that theory to heart.

For years our firm has contributed to various local charities, and everyone in the office has a charity for whom they volunteer their time and talents. This year Dave wanted us to take that one step further. We’ve begun volunteering as a firm once a month with Food Lifeline. Dave has also granted each employee four days leave to volunteer for the charity(ies) of their choice. What an amazing benefit to offer your employees! While some companies have been doing this for years, most do not. Let’s look at some of the benefits generated by implementing a volunteer program.

A volunteer program is great way to build camaraderie within your team. There’s no better form of team building than being together, building up your community. We all know that a stronger community creates a better environment for businesses to thrive in. When you volunteer, you typically work alongside like-minded individuals who are exactly the type of people you’d like to network with and develop relationships with. There is nothing wrong with spreading the word about your firm if it comes up as part of a conversation.

Studies have shown that volunteering also leads to many health benefits. It can help counteract the effects of stress. It gives individuals a sense of purpose while reducing the risk of depression. It keeps us physically and mentally active. Just think about all those hours you spend in the office sitting behind a desk day after day. Taking a break can reduce an individual’s overall stress level, and what better way to do so than making a positive impact in your community.

Let’s not forget about another benefit that many companies offer; matching dollars for your donations to qualified charities. Don’t leave valuable money on the table. Take advantage of these types of programs!

Every day in the news we are inundated with bad news, and it can bring even the most positive people down. Be the solution, volunteer!

“The World is full of good People, if you can’t find one, be one.”