Microsoft employees level 67 and above are invited to a personal 30 minute meeting with an Avier advisor to explore their optimal Deferred Compensation strategy.

Here are the 5 takeaways you will get from this complimentary session.

We will:
  • Help you determine what the net spendable value of each stock grant is likely to be given the withholding.
  • Estimate what your net cash flow is likely to be for the year.
  • Create a strategy for what to do with the RSUs you are receiving, which will give you a sense of what percentage of your bonus to defer in order to reduce Federal income tax for the year.
  • Advise you on how to use the Mega Back Door Roth Conversion to supplement your overall retirement strategy.
  • Help you think through each deferral and when it is going to be paid out to make sure you are not spiking income in a specific year in retirement.
Prior to your Deferred Compensation Strategy Meeting, we ask you to log onto HR web and download the stock grant export. We will plug this into our spreadsheet and build out a cash flow table. Please sign up for your session below. [avierbutton audience=”dcp”]