Our Team

At Avier, we are proud to have fostered a culture that values teamwork and collaboration. Each of our clients is supported by a three-person advisory team, including a lead advisor, associate advisor and client services associate. These advisory teams work together to deliver the highest level of personalized service, ensuring that client needs are expertly addressed with total confidentiality. Our commitment to maintaining a low client-to-advisor ratio enables us to develop deep and lasting client relationships.

Rachel Clawson
Client Service Associate
Direct: (503) 303-7148
Office: (503) 636-1443 Ext. 2
Email: rachel@avieradvisors.com
Taylor Drake
Taylor Drake, CFA, CPWA®
Chief Investment Officer
Direct: (503) 636-1443
Email: taylor@avieradvisors.com
Jordan Edwards
Jordan Edwards, CFA, CFP®
Lead Advisor
Direct: (425) 531-7323
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 203
Email: jordan@avieradvisors.com
Paige Lee
Paige Lee
Client Service Associate
Direct: (425)-531-7325
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 205
Email: paige@avieradvisors.com
Luellen Lockwood
Luellen Lockwood, MBA, CPA, EA
Chief Operating Officer
Direct: (425) 531-7341
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 201
Email: lu@avieradvisors.com
Shalina Martos
Shalina Martos, CFP®, AAMS®
Associate Advisor
Direct: (425) 531-7335
Email: shalina@avieradvisors.com
Chris Moffatt
Chris Moffatt, CRPC®
Senior Financial Advisor
Direct: (425) 531-7331
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 211
Email: chris@avieradvisors.com
JP Osseward
JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA
Associate Advisor
Direct: (425) 531-7328
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 208
Email: jp@avieradvisors.com
Lars Phillips
Lars Phillips, CFA, CFP®
Lead Advisor
Direct: (425) 531-7329
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 209
Email: lars@avieradvisors.com
Kaleb Strawn
Kaleb Strawn
Special Projects Associate
Direct: (425)-531-7322
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 202
Email: kaleb@avieradvisors.com
Dave Welty
Dave Welty, CFP®
Managing Director
Direct: (425) 531-7324
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 204
Email: dave@avieradvisors.com
Nicholas Wright
Nicholas Wright
Associate Advisor
Direct: (425) 531-7330
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 210
Email: nick@avieradvisors.com
Steve Zeller
Stephen Zeller
Portfolio Implementation Specialist
Direct: (425) 531-7327
Office: (425) 467-1011 Ext. 207
Email: steve@avieradvisors.com