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Possible Tax Outcomes of a Biden Presidency

As the US Presidential Election approaches, many people are wondering what the economic impact of the election results will be. One of their biggest concerns may be how they will be taxed as a result of the election. However, the election result does not inherently guarantee that either candidate’s tax proposal will be passed, or […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | September 16, 2020

Executive Compensation Explained

The Pacific Northwest has evolved into one of the largest tech hubs in the country, the clients we serve increasingly have very complex financial situations. This is partly because tech employees tend to be more highly compensated than people in other industries, but it is also due to the fact that tech companies tend to […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | September 15, 2019

Stock Grants: Reframing Why You Should Sell Your Company Stock

Many employers in the Northwest provide compensation to their employees in the form of company stock. This compensation has a number of different names: stock awards, equity, equity compensation, stock grants, restricted stock units, etc. Employees find that they are awarded more of these types of compensation as they progress up through the ranks of […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | June 15, 2019

Understanding Health Savings Accounts and How They Benefit You

Health Savings Accounts are part of a broader trend of individuals and families becoming more involved in their own health and retirement, as compared to the mid and late part of the 1900’s which saw companies taking care of their employees through pensions and other services. The Health Savings Account was approved by Congress in […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | March 15, 2018

Brexit Aftermath

The following article is written by Bob Veres, respected writer in the financial planning industry and publisher of “Inside Information”.  Welcome to Brexit. Yesterday’s vote by the British electorate to end its 43-year membership in the European Union seems to have taken just about everybody by surprise, but the aftermath could not have been more […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | June 27, 2016

PIMCO 10-Year Capital Market Assumptions

PIMCO 10-Year Capital Market Assumptions Every year PIMCO convenes a cyclical forum to discuss macroeconomic trends and the implications for investment policy decisions.  As part of that forum they produce a 10-year projection of returns for various asset classes we thought would be of interest to a wider audience. Asset Class Expectations Overall, PIMCO believes […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | May 2, 2016

Rob Arnott on All Asset January 2016

Rob Arnott, head of Research Affiliates, shares his firm’s market insights and allocation strategies for PIMCO All Asset strategies. BY ROBERT ARNOTT JANUARY, 2016 (excerpt from his January 2016 memo) Q: At the start of each year, we would like to begin with a discussion of your outlook across all global asset classes. As you […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | February 9, 2016

Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Weston Wellington – A Vanishing Value Premium?

By Weston Wellington of DFA Value stocks underperformed growth stocks by a material margin in the US last year. However, the magnitude and duration of the recent negative value premium are not unprecedented. This column reviews a previous period when challenging performance caused many to question the benefits of value investing. The subsequent results serve […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | February 1, 2016

Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Jim Parker – 2016: 10 Predictions to Count On

By Jim Parker of DFA The New Year is a customary time to speculate. In a digital age, when past forecasts are available online, market and media professionals find it harder to hide their blushes when their financial predictions go awry. But there are ways around that. The ignominy that goes with making bold forecasts […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | January 22, 2016

Dimensional Fund Advisors’ Jim Parker – Second-Hand News

By Jim Parker of DFA Why don’t the media run more good news? One view is bad news sells. If people preferred good news, the media would supply it. But markets don’t see news as necessarily good or bad, rather in terms of what is already built into prices. One academic study appears to confirm […]

JP Osseward, CFA, CFP®, FRM, CAIA | December 17, 2015

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